Neurological integration
Linguistic acquisition
Motor coordination
Cognitive processing
Social understanding

Baby College Classes




18-36 mo

9-18 mo

0-9 mo


– 9 months

Fun and gentle activities that support the baby's internal organisation, sense of security, and physical growth over the first months of life outside the womb.


– 18 months

Exploratory and sensory games with learning concepts, music play, and rhythmic movements that promote language, active listening, and body awareness.


18 – 36 months 

Lots of active play, with greater emphasis on cognitive and motor games that allow budding individuals to build on their interests and social interactions.

Every Baby College class supports five core facets of development:











Find the right class for you

Baby College® classes are run in three age groups to suit the nature of different developmental stages. All sessions comprise a well-balanced flow of activities that can be enjoyed together in class and at home.

Classes are 60 minutes long and limited to 6 parents and 6 children in a group.


Essentials right from the start. Infant classes offer insight into early development to increase your confidence and understanding of your growing baby. Fun and gentle activities are suitable from birth with the pace progressing as your baby grows.

0-9 months



Your older baby is exploring more and more of the world around, so Toddler classes introduce learning themes, music play, and rhythmic movement. Activities promote multi-sensory integration, language, listening, attention, balance, body awareness, experimentation, and motor coordination.

9-18 months



Our special Junior classes are even more active, with greater emphasis on cognitive and motor games. Themes drawn from life experiences allow the budding individuals to express their interests and desires. Activities support increased independence and emotional understanding, building confidence in physical and social skills.

18-36 months


Benefits of Baby College

At Baby College, fun and informative classes offer enrichment for both the parent and the child. A holistic mixture of physical, multi-sensory, and cognitive activities have been carefully designed to illuminate the fundamental processes of your baby's development. Attend to the right cues, deepen your appreciation, and vitalise your support for who your baby is, and all that he/she is doing.


One of the main benefits of attending a Baby College class is increased confidence for both parent and baby. Parents gain more understanding of their baby's experience and growth, which leads to more confident and relaxed parenting. When adults are more confident, children feel more secure and are thus easier to care for. Babies are provided with a safe environment to participate in the activities whilst strengthening the parent-baby bond, making life enjoyable for all.


Insight into child development is an essential component of the Baby College programme. Enlightening perspectives often boost trust in the baby's competence, helping parents to effectively and respectfully support children as they navigate their environments. The series of developmental topics covered each term will offer refreshing, up-to-date ideas and answers to many of the questions you have about how your baby is developing, and why.


The 60-minute classes are designed for dedicated quality time in a relaxing, small group environment. Parents and children build communication through touch, eye contact, singing, talking, attentive listening, deliberate actions, and gentle physical activity. These important practices convey healthy attention, acknowledgement, trust, and empathy, helping to establish secure attachments between parent and child.


Have fun with others on your journey! Baby College classes also offer the opportunity to socialise with other parents and babies. The flow of activities are co-ordinated as a group, so everyone can enjoy the synchrony and dynamics of the class. Emotional understanding and social skills are also nurtured as the children grow more attune others in the group. There is time at the beginning and the end of the sessions for you to get to know your fellow attendees, and where lifelong friendships for you and your baby can be made.

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